Bellwood Quarry is Getting Real

Bellwood Quarry is getting Real

OK, I’ll admit that when I first saw the Bellwood Quarry plans years ago I was skeptical.  But now it looks like Bellwood Quarry is getting real.  Workers have started chipping at loose rock for safety reasons.  The work is expected to be completed in 2018.  This park will be Atlanta’s largest park and the quarry will hold over a billion gallons of water.  It will be a 30 day emergency supply for the city.  And while the quarry work will be completed in 2018, the entire 300 acre park will take about 15 years to develop.  Bellwood Quarry already has a spot in Atlanta’s history now as Katniss Everdeen roamed it in Mockingjay and the Walking Dead filmed scenes there.

We originally felt this huge project would be 50 or more years in the making, but the Atlanta Beltline has proved to be that rare project that city planners, real estate developers and environmentalists all could get behind.  Our other skepticism was the light rail component of the Beltline but recently passed legislation gives Atlanta the opportunity to levy taxes to finance the light rail.  The focus isn’t just the biking and hiking paths and rail but the city is also adding many parks along the route.  Atlanta has been criticized for it’s lack of public park space so the Beltline also is helping to correct this.  Again, I’ll say it, The Bellwood Quarry is getting real!   This will be a game changer for this west side of Atlanta.  We’re excited and pleasantly surprised.  Want to know more about the Quarry and the Beltline?  You can visit the Atlanta Beltline web site here and you can click here to order tickets for the Beltline tours.   The tours are the only way to see the quarry.  The Beltline offers walking, biking ans bus tours.  But you have to get tickets well in advance or they will be sold out.


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