984 Michigan Ave NW, Atlanta, 30314

984 Michigan Ave NW, Atlanta, 30314    Here’s a great opportunity for an investor to purchase now and rehab or tear down and build new.  This craftsman style home is located at 984 Michigan Ave NW, Atlanta, 30314.  Let’s talk about location.  This home is literally surrounded by the beltline.  The westside trail is just 2 blocks west and there are two extensions that loop over to the Atlanta University Center.  You can’t get better access to the Beltline.  And recently revamped Washington Park is also within walking distance.  If you’ve seen Lena Street then you know what that park has meant for this area.  And we’re offering it today for just $30,000.   Rehabbers and builders, here’s your chance.

The westside is red hot with rehabs and increasing values.  Right now most of the action is in West End and Westview but it’s about to skip over I-20 and follow the beltline path.  This is your chance to get in early, before you have to compete with every other investor.  So give us a call today at 404-245-4960 about 984 Michigan Ave NW, Atlanta, 30314.

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