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Home prices up 10% but what does it mean ?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

In April, the median price of homes sold was $177,400.  That’s an increase of 10% over April of last year.  Wow!  It’s boom times in real estate again, right?  No, not exactly.  These nationwide average numbers can always be misleading.  When prices were showing drops of 30% or more it didn’t always mean each house […]

Housing price declines shift to the Midwest, slight increases in the South

Monday, May 7th, 2012

According to two recent reports from Corelogic and Clear Capitol the landscape for housing prices is changing.  Both reports show the Midwest is experiencing declining prices while prices increased slightly in every other region of the country.  Year over year numbers in April showed a slight increase in the South.  These national numbers are good […]